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It Takes Action: Membership Month 2020

It Takes Action!

Preservation is active, from the physical work of restoring and rehabilitating a building, to work of organizing and informing communities and stakeholders of an advocacy campaign. Whether the work is reactive (all to often) or proactive (yay for getting ahead!), when we are active, we are at our best. Sometimes the project or challenge can seem overwhelming and it is all to easy to get bogged down and not know what action to take or where to start. This is where Preservation Massachusetts (and our members) are a resource and ally to help people take (or add momentum to their) action.

The Columns is a remarkable former sea captain's house along busy Rt. 28 in South Dennis. The fluted Ionic columns of the front portico were transported to the Cape from Boston. In the mid 20th century, the property became a popular restaurant known for featuring jazz music. Vacant for many years, the property struggled with reuse attempts and its future was uncertain. Nominated for and listed as one of 2018 Massachusetts Most Endangered Historic Resources program, the goal was to promote the opportunity this historic property presented. Along with the Dennis Historical Commission, Preservation Massachusetts staff engaged with the owner in several discussions about resources, options, etc. With a willingness to sell, PM put the owner in touch with a consultant, who in turn made a connection to a buyer with a history of successful preservation projects. We are excited to see what is in store for The Pillars under new ownership and continue to be a resource for the new owner and the local commission. The Most Endangered Program is our longest running advocacy and education program and is now accepting nominations for the 2020 list!

Online Action Center

The name says it all. In October, 2019, Preservation Massachusetts debuted a new online Action Center, designed to provide helpful information, how-to's and guidance to anyone facing a challenge or project that involves historic preservation. We tapped our staff knowledge, internal resources and informational archives in order to help you find what you need to take action on preservation issues in your community. While our staff loves to respond directly to queries, in a small organization it a challenge and often time is of the essence! That's why the Action Center, including our Roadmap to Preservation Success, was so important for us to provide. If we can help you take that first step (or first few), you in turn are helping us and the Commonwealth by being active in preservation in your hometown. The Action Center is ever evolving as we learn more, find more and create more educational resources for you to use, like our Climate Change: Preservation & Resiliency webinar, available for free!

Your membership to Preservation Massachusetts means you support that heart, that dedication. You help advocate, educate and empower historic preservation efforts in cities and town all across the Commonwealth. Thank you for joining and supporting active preservation through our statewide mission and work.

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