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The Power of Vision

Our final Membership Month installment is all about Vision, Believe and Encouragement! Preservation can be (and often is) a daunting, overwhelming and time consuming undertaking. Yet time and time again we have seen people stay the course and succeed because they had vision. They see potential in an old main street storefront, in the underutilized mill, in the closed up movie theater downtown. They saw potential and believed it could be a reality. Having vision and belief is essential, as is having a network, resources and people to rely on. Over the years Preservation Massachusetts has been a source of encouragement, resources, information and even some therapy to those making preservati

Statewide Spotlight: Places that Matter

A Membership Month Story: One of Preservation Massachusetts' core programs is our Most Endangered Historic Resources List. Since 1993, this advocacy program has shone a spotlight on important buildings, landscapes and structures that are threatened in some way. Using our statewide platform, we strive to collaborate with local advocates and others in a positive way to find a successful preservation outcome. Of course not everything turns out the way we hope (there's always a silver lining somewhere), but when the Most Endangered program supports a dedicated grassroots effort, like it did in Truro in 2016, the results can be very inspiring. Here's how your membership supported efforts to sa

We Love Massachusetts!

There is a lot to love about Massachusetts! We love our cities and towns, historic buildings and our main streets. We love the rolling landscapes, parks, open spaces and shores. We love people using older buildings, reusing and restoring the past for the future. This month we invite you to “Feel the Love” for preservation in Massachusetts by joining us as a member! Through your support of Preservation Massachusetts, you advocate, you educate, and you empower preservation efforts in communities across the Commonwealth. Here are just a few examples of how your membership works through us. ~Support from the Most Endangered Program and Circuit Riders assisted local efforts to explore reuse o

Repairing Historic Windows

Please join us at the next meeting of the Western Massachusetts Historical Commission Coalition Topic: Why and How: Repairing Historic Windows Thursday, March 15, 2018 (Snow Date 3/22/18) 10:00-12:00 The John W. Olver Transit Center, First Floor Meeting Room, 12 Olive Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts, 01301 Hosted by the Franklin Regional Council of Governments For a copy of the agenda click here Members of Historical Commissions, historic preservation advocates, and other interested parties are welcome to attend. Please RSVP to Stacia Caplanson at The Western MA Historical Commission Coalition (WMHCC), organized in 2014, meets 2-3 times each year and offers

What's Your Story?

Storytelling is an integral part of history. Stories teach, they inspire, they motivate, they caution. Stories tell where you have been and where you are and were you hope to go in the future. Preservation Massachusetts is excited to launch a new bi-monthly feature called “Storytellers”. Beginning in February, we will share a local preservation story that can serve to educate and inspire others. It may be the tale of saving an historic church, of community outreach and constituency building, to the bricks and mortar of an actual restoration project. We want to share local group’s successes, challenges and yes, even failures. Because there is always a silver lining and that lesson can help

Feel the Love!

February is Membership Month at Preservation Massachusetts! This month we invite you to "Feel the Love" for historic preservation in Massachusetts by joining us as a member. Through us you help advocate, educate and empower historic preservation efforts in cities and towns all across the Commonwealth. All month long we will be sharing ways in which your membership dollars have made an impact on preservation and sharing new opportunities on the horizon. If you have already renewed your membership, we say thank you! And for those who are not members, we invite you to join us in our mission of actively promoting preservation as a positive force for economic development and the retention of c

Colleagues, Kipling & Vermont

For me, trips to Vermont in January usually meant a car packed with equipment and supplies for a ski excursion. I’ll admit it’s been a while since I have been to Vermont, but earlier this month I was lucky to find myself in Dummerston, just outside of Brattleboro. I was sitting in a cozy study talking about the trials and tribulations of non-profit communications in a house designed for Rudyard Kipling (yes, the Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling). Members of fellow preservation statewide groups joined me as we were debating the virtues of print newsletters vs. e-mail newsletters, which platform do you like, do you look at the analytics of email communications? Then it turned toward “what is you

Celebrating "The Next Generation"

Preservation may be rooted in history, but it has always served the future. It is about more than just a building—it is about relationships, making the old new and relevant again, recycling, up-cycling and sustainability, breathing life back into our community centers and neighborhoods, providing services, and activating appreciation and pride in the places we call home. Preservation began as a movement because of people with an unwavering belief that their communities were important, that health and wellbeing was inextricably linked with the places where we live and work. And ensuring that the character, connections and sense of place that make these places work and thrive is a core prin

Meet the Interns!

During the winter semester break, Preservation Massachusetts was fortunate to have not one but two interns working with us on some long-anticipated projects; getting our new advocacy database up and running and creating an historic landscape resource guide. We will certainly share more about these projects, but we wanted to use this opportunity to introduce you to these two “next generation” members of the preservation community. Clelie Fielding: Historic Landscape Intern 1.) Where are you from, where are you at school and what are you studying? I am from Francestown, NH, I am a junior at Smith College, and I am majoring in Architecture & Urbanism, and minoring in Landscape Studies. 2.) What

Life After Tax Reform: An HTC Update

Just before the end of 2017, tax reform was passed by the Federal Government. Included in the legislation that was signed into law was the Historic Tax Credit program, which had been under threat. The House and Senate Conference Committee reconciled the differences between their two versions of the tax bill. The final agreement eliminated the pre-1936 10% non-historic tax credit but included the 20% Historic Tax Credit (HTC) with a provision that it will be claimed over five years. Also, the Conference Committee included additional transition rule language that now clearly covers phased rehabilitations for which the taxpayer may select a 60-month period. While advocates were disappointed th

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