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Project Support Letters - MHRTC

All projects applying for the Massachusetts Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit (MHRTC) program are required by regulation to have a support letter from Preservation Massachusetts for each application round. 

Supporting PM

Effective in 2023, Preservation Massachusetts is asking that every project developer/sponsor/owner join our organization as a minimum $1,000 Corporate Member. Membership supports not only the work that goes into reviewing and preparing project support letters for each round, but also supports our legislative advocacy in expanding and continuing the MHRTC, federal tax credits and more. Your support is critical and we thank you for joining. 

For more information please read our membership letter.

Request a Support Letter

After joining as a member, please fill out one of the two forms below. The "new" project form is to be used for your first application round.  For all subsequent application rounds, use the "reapplication" request form. Please note that an updated letter of support is required for every application round (January 15, April 30 and August 30). In order to ensure your letter is ready in time, request forms must be submitted at least two (2) weeks before the application deadline. Please contact Erin Kelly ( with quesi

NEW Letter

Request Form


Request Form

Use the NEW letter form only when requesting a letter for the first time. For every other round you apply for, use the Re-application request form. 

Questions? 617-723-3383

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