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Project Support Letters - MHRTC

All projects applying for the Massachusetts Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit (MHRTC) program are required by regulation to have a support letter from Preservation Massachusetts for each application round. 


Important notice regarding Preservation Massachusetts MHRTC Support Letters

There have been internal Preservation Massachusetts policy changes, approved by the Board of Directors, effective in 2023 regarding support letters required for state historic tax credit applications. Beginning with the August 2023 application round Preservation Massachusetts is implementing a cost-reimbursement structure for all requested support letters.  The cost reimbursement for a new project letter is $500, and for reapplying projects is $250 per application round. Invoices will be sent directly to project applicants/developers/owners upon PM receipt of your letter request form. 

As part of the MHRTC application process, the Massachusetts Historical Commission requires a support letter from PM for every application, during each of the three funding rounds per year. This requires PM staff to conduct a project review in order to prepare and submit each support letter, taking time and resources to provide a correct and thorough letter. For nearly 20 years, PM has worked to protect and enhance the MHRTC and provided support letters.  However, we can no longer bear the staff costs for project reviews and preparing support letters. We thank you for your attention to our new policy and look forward to continuing to working with you.

Please read the cost reimbursement notification letter here.

Questions? Please contact our office

Request a Support Letter

 The "new" project form is to be used for your first application round.  For all subsequent application rounds, use the "reapplication" request form. Please note that an updated letter of support is required for every application round (January 15, April 30 and August 30). In order to ensure your letter is ready in time, request forms must be submitted at least two (2) weeks before the application deadline. Please contact with questions. 

NEW Letter

Request Form


Request Form

Use the NEW letter form only when requesting a letter for the first time. For every other round you apply for, use the Re-application request form. 

Questions? 617-723-3383

Pay a Cost Reimbursement Invoice

MHRTC letter cost reimbursement invoices can be paid directly online at the link below:

MHRTC Cost Reimbursement Pay Portal

or paid by check, made payable to Preservation Massachusetts and mailed to:

6 Main Street Ext., Suite 613

Plymouth, MA 02360

Online payments via credit card are processed through Neon Pay, PM's online credit card processor. A receipt for your payment will generated automatically. 

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