Preservation Conversations

During the spring of 2020, how we operate and do our jobs changed drastically.  In an effort to continue our educational mission and provide information, connections and a communication platform to any and all who are interested, active or involved with preservation in Massachusetts, we created  a new opportunity called Preservation Conversations.  Each week PM will host a virtual meeting where participants can learn from PM's professional staff and guest contributors on a variety of preservation topics, issues and (most importantly) ask questions directly.

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Our preliminary "conversations" have been successes and we are glad to bring them back for 2021! Tune virtually in each month for a guest presentation or discussion on a preservation agenda item. Remember to bring your questions and issues, or just grab a coffee and listen in.  Plus, all conversations will be recorded and hosted on our YouTube page and website for easy access after. 

So mark your calendars! We're excited to see where a new season "conversations" will take us!



Upcoming Conversations:

"Meet Jennifer Doherty, Local Government Programs Coordinator for MHC."

November 18, 10:00 via Zoom

How To Join the Conversation

Meeting ID: 823 4928 6688
Passcode: 181703


Dial by your location
        +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 823 4928 6688
Passcode: 181703


Preservation Massachusetts is utilizing Zoom to host our Preservation Conversations. Visit to download the most recent version of the software or if you have any issues. 

If you have any questions about connecting or would like to submit a question to be asked during a conversation, please email Erin Kelly at

Preservation Conversations Archive - Also available on our YouTube Channel

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Episode 13: Historic New England Stone Walls with guest speaker Robert Thorson, professor and head of UConn's Department of Geology and author

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Episode 8: Who Are They & Why Do I Need Them? Preservation Consultants

Episode 10: Show Me The Money: Preservation Grant Programs with the MA Historical Commission

Episode 12: Show Me The Money: Historic Preservation and the Community Preservation Act

Episode 14: Show Me The Money - Historic Tax Credits and Preservation Projects with special guest speakers from Epsilon Associates. 

Episode 16: Local Funding Programs for Historic Homeowners, with Patrick Guthrie of the Arlington Preservation Fund

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Arlington Preservation Fund Documents - By-Laws, Guidelines & Articles of Organization

Episode 17: Stone Walls - How to Identify, Document and Evaluate Them in a Historic Landscape - with guest speaker Jeff Howry