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Preservation Conversations

In 2020, how we operated and did our jobs changed drastically. In an effort to continue our educational mission and provide an opportunity for connections, we created Preservation Conversations. Each week, PM hosted a virtual meeting where participants could learn from PM's professional staff and guest contributors on a variety of preservation topics and (most importantly) ask questions directly.

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Episode 28:  The (Railroad) Ties that Bind: The Mass Central Rail Trail and Norwottuck Network with guest speaker Craig Della Penna, President of Norwottuck Network

Norwottuck Network powerpoint presentation, provided by Craig Della Penna, all rights reserved.

Episode 27: The Traditional Trades Advancement Program with special guest speakers Amy Glowacki and Matt Chapman of the NPS, Springfield Armory National Historic Site

Episode 25: The Boston Innovation Trail

with special guest speakers Scott Kirsner and Maggie O'Toole 

Episode 26: Revolution 250

with special guest speaker Jonathan Lane

Preservation Conversations Archive 

Also available as a playlist on our YouTube Channel

2022 Conversations

Episode 24: Historic Tax Credits:

with special guest Daniel Kolodner from Klein Hornig LLP 

Episode 23: Preservation Lobbying 101:

Learn about the State Historic Tax Credit Program and become an effective advocate for historic preservation


Episode 22: Storytelling in Preservation:

with special guests from The Preservation Trust of Vermont and Historic Boston, Inc. 

Episode 21: Most Endangered 201: Defining Success

Episode 20: Most Endangered 101: The Nomination Application & Process

2021 Conversations

Episode 19: Meet Jenn Doherty - Local Government Programs Coordinator for the MHC

Episode 18: Maximizing the Value of Sacred Places with Partners for Sacred Places. 

2020 Conversations

Episode 1: "Pop-Up" Office Hour

Episode 2: "FAQ's with PM and MHC

Episode 3: Growing Grassroots Constituencies & Effective Local Advocacy

Referenced Resource Link:

15 Questions for Local Advocates

Episode 4: Threatened Historic Resources: What To Do?

Referenced Resource Link:

15 Questions for a Threatened Resource

Episode 5: How To Talk About Historic Preservation

Referenced Resource Link:

24 Reasons Why Historic Preservation Is Good for Your Community

by Place Economics

Episode 6: How to Move Challenging Projects Ahead

Episode 7: What It Takes - Local Advocacy Success Stories

Episode 8: Who Are They & Why Do I Need Them? Preservation Consultants

Episode 9: Who Are They & Why Do I Need Them? Preservation Architects

Episode 10: Show Me The Money: Preservation Grant Programs with the MA Historical Commission

Episode 11: The Floor Is Yours - Open Forum Discussion and Q&A with PM and MHC Staff

Episode 12: Show Me The Money: Historic Preservation and the Community Preservation Act

Referenced Resource Link: 

HP Project CPA Flowchart & Sec. of Interior Standards


Episode 13: Historic New England Stone Walls with guest speaker Robert Thorson, professor and head of UConn's Department of Geology and author

Referenced Resource Link: 

New England Stone Wall Follow Up Questions

Further Resources at The Stone Wall Initiative


Episode 14: Show Me The Money - Historic Tax Credits and Preservation Projects with special guest speakers from Epsilon Associates. 

Episode 15: What is a Circuit Rider & When Do I Need Them?

Referenced Resource Link: Before Contacting a Circuit Rider...

Episode 16: Local Funding Programs for Historic Homeowners, with Patrick Guthrie of the Arlington Preservation Fund

Referenced Resource Link:

Arlington Preservation Fund Documents - By-Laws, Guidelines & Articles of Organization

Episode 17: Stone Walls - How to Identify, Document and Evaluate Them in a Historic Landscape - with guest speaker Jeff Howry

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