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The Pierce Building, Dorchester - Mayor Thomas M. Menino Legacy Award

The Pierce Building in Dorchester is a 2023 Menino Legacy Award recipient! The S.B. Pierce Building is located at the gateway to the Upham’s Corner commercial district at the intersection of Columbia Road and Dudley Street in Dorchester. It is an iconic identifier of the area- a four-story Classical Revival style structure, constructed of red brick and marble. For the past 40 years, the historic building has been home to Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation, the leading local neighborhood affordable housing developer. Perhaps the most striking feature is the curved southeast corner, which ties the south and east elevations together. The renovation of one of the neighborhood’s architectural gems is therefore a milestone for the community and will be transformative for Upham’s Corner.

Dorchester Bay EDC has been working towards this renovation project for over 10 years. The Pierce building was showing significant signs of deterioration, including a small piece of marble falling from the facade to the sidewalk below. The renovation project began in 2020 with extensive work to the façade, including repointing the brick, sealing up the envelope, and restoring historic architectural elements. In summer 2021, the contractor moved the focus to the inside of the 15,000 square-foot building.

A underutilized and deteriorating structure was transformed into a fully restored neighborhood asset, a harbinger of exciting changes coming to Upham’s Corner. The renovation includes new windows and façade restoration and preservation; a fully ADA compliant front entry and elevator; new heating and cooling systems; and new restrooms and kitchen facilities for tenants, and mechanical systems, lighting, and interior finishes were all replaced!

Congratulations to the entire project team! @dbedc

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