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Preservation in the 21st century is not simply about saving and preserving historic buildings. It is about community character, quality of life, economic development, the revitalization of our neighborhoods, town and city centers. Historic preservation affords the ability to rehabilitate and utilize existing structures while at the same time reducing sprawl, being more efficient and “green” and keeping our communities intact.

Preservation Massachusetts realizes that many of our members are looking at the numerous tangible and intangible benefits that preservation affords. By forging vital links between preservation, development, businesses and other professions, the opportunity for collaboration is ripe and many have taken advantage of aligning with Preservation Massachusetts.

Much of our strength in reinforcing the economic message of preservation comes from the support and collaboration of our partner organizations, spanning the width and breadth of development, consulting, business and banking fields. Preservation Massachusetts is proud to continue expanding our business relationships as well as the impact of historic preservation well into the 21st century.


From 2002 - 2016, historic tax credit investments have generated this much in total development cost and investment in Massachusetts.


CPA allows communities to identify and fund historic preservation projects that are important to them. It is an extremely valuable tool.

Policy & Preservation

We work with our partners statewide on efforts to encourage good preservation policy and being part of the discussion when important decisions are proposed and made.

Preservation Massachusetts works  with local, state and national organizations and groups on promoting good preservation policy while continually educating our elected officials about the impact and benefits of preservation. We actively advocate on both Beacon Hill and in Washington DC and while we always have our core focus, we know that preservation can be impacted by legislation in a variety of ways. We encourage you to reach out to us with any issues or potential collaborations or visit our Action Center to find out how to lend your voice to an ongoing campaign.


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