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Preservation Massachusetts Legacy Society

The Preservation Massachusetts (PM) Legacy Society includes individuals who have made long-range giving commitments to sustain PM’s mission of preserving and enhancing the unique history of Massachusetts. Members of the Legacy Society are neighbors, friends, constituents, and supporters of PM. They are individuals who have actively partnered with our organization for decades and those who have engaged with us from a distance. 


Joining the PM Legacy Society is a deeply personal decision. Individuals who commit to long-range, planned gifts not only play a vital role in PM’s future, but also remain a part of its history.


PM will publicly recognize members who have chosen to have their names published. If members choose to remain anonymous, PM will respect their wishes.

Plymouth, Massachusetts

There are many options for making transformational gifts* through the Legacy Society and potentially reducing estate and income taxes. 


  • Wills/Bequests. Designate an amount or part of your estate. 

  • Bank Accounts. Designate PM as a beneficiary of remaining funds in a bank account or CD by filling out a form at your financial institution. 

  • Life Insurance. Name PM as the beneficiary or assign us ownership of a policy with benefits you may no longer need. You’ll receive a charitable deduction and potentially reduce your estate taxes. 

  • Retirement Plan/401K. You may want to consider designating a percentage or amount of your retirement plan to PM and leave other assets to your family. IRAs, 401Ks and other qualified retirement plans can incur up to 70% in taxes when passed on to heirs, as recipients must pay income and estate taxes. As a non-profit, naming PM as a beneficiary will avoid all taxes on the amount allocated to us. 

  • Securities. PM accepts gifts of publicly traded securities. We encourage you to discuss transfers of securities with your professional advisors to ensure maximum tax-deductibility of your gift. 

  • Real Estate. PM will consider accepting gifts of real estate. If you own a historic building or open land, PM can advise on ways to include permanent protection as a part of your estate plan. With gifts of real estate, consult with PM in advance of making provisions in your estate plan so we can fully understand your intentions.

* We will recognize a bequest intention or other planned gifts of any size with membership in the Legacy Society. Gifts in any of these forms may be made in memory or honor of family and friends.

For More Information


If you have questions or are ready to start the conversation, please contact Julie Roper at We would be honored to speak with you. If you have already planned such a gift, please let us know so that we can thank you for your generosity and welcome you to the Legacy Society.

This information is not intended as legal or tax advice. Please consult your attorney, CPA, or financial planner for advice.

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