Workshops & Presentations

Education for our local partners, concerned citizens and grassroots preservationists is vitally important.  Preservation Massachusetts and our partners all across the state and region host workshops, seminars, webinars and conferences geared toward broadening the understanding and appreciation for historic preservation and its myriad uses, benefits and collaborators.  

Preservation Massachusetts often co-sponsors workshops and presentations with other organizations and agencies throughout the year. Make sure you subscribe to our email list at the bottom of the page to be kept up to date on upcoming events. Whenever possible, we make the presentations and information available in our archive for future reference and educational purposes. If you have a workshop, seminar or other educational opportunity that you would like to share and promote via our website and network, please contact our office. 

Workshop & Presentation News

Presentation Archive

Click on the folder icon below to view the presentations and materials available on Dropbox for past presentations and those offered by the Central & Western MA Historic Commissions Coalitions. All presentations are available with the permission of their presenter. 


Please do not copy or distribute without contacting Preservation Massachusetts. 

Be sure to check out our PM University page for links to topic specific pages, presentations and information.