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Thank You! Membership Month 2020

We have really enjoyed sharing ways in which our members work through us to empower, educate and advocate for preservation in communities all across Massachusetts! And we hope you have enjoyed the stories and perhaps felt proud of what you help us accomplish every day. Preservation takes a lot, and we at PM know we could not do our work without YOU! So to all those who joined this month, we say a heartfelt THANK YOU! To all our individual, organizational and corporate members who will renew their membership this year (watch your mailboxes for those letters), THANK YOU! To all those who felt liked what you read, but aren't ready to join just yet, THANK YOU! We look forward to an amazing yea

It Takes Collaboration! Membership Month 2020

Collaboration: the process of two or more people or organizations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal. In preservation efforts, collaboration allows us to build on each other's strengths, experiences, network, resources and more. PM is a big proponent of collaboration, for ourselves and others. We can accomplish so much when we work together, and collaboration increases not only capacity, but credibility and impact as well. Here are some ways that collaboration is (hopefully) making a difference. Calling for Collaboration The Rev. Percy Browne House in Marion. In October 2019, news of the potential demolition of an H.H. Richardson house sparked a great response from pro

It Takes People: Membership Month 2020

It Takes People! Preservation is nothing without people; from local advocates working to reuse historic buildings along main street, protect a landscape, to those who serve on commissions, volunteer or staff non profits, research, restore and so much more. Preservation is at its heart about people and the places and stories that matter to them and their communities. People are the most valuable part of our preservation community. People bring an ethic to life and then bring to life historic buildings and landscapes from the tip of Cape Cod to the Berkshires. One of the pillars of Preservation Massachusetts' mission is education and ensuring the people who are active in preservation have

It Takes Action: Membership Month 2020

It Takes Action! Preservation is active, from the physical work of restoring and rehabilitating a building, to work of organizing and informing communities and stakeholders of an advocacy campaign. Whether the work is reactive (all to often) or proactive (yay for getting ahead!), when we are active, we are at our best. Sometimes the project or challenge can seem overwhelming and it is all to easy to get bogged down and not know what action to take or where to start. This is where Preservation Massachusetts (and our members) are a resource and ally to help people take (or add momentum to their) action. The Columns, South Dennis: 2018 Massachusetts Most Endangered Historic Resource The Co

It Takes Heart! Membership Month 2020

There is a lot to love about Massachusetts. We love our cities and towns, historic buildings and our main streets. We love the rolling landscapes, parks, open spaces and shores. We love people using older buildings, reusing and restoring the past for the future. And ensuring that these places we love remain as part of our cities and towns, it takes a lot; work, patience, collaboration, but most of all, heart. This membership month, we are showing the "heart" of our work, in supporting, advocating and educating the many dedicated preservationists, community leaders, advocates and individuals who put their heart and soul into preservation efforts. You can help support their work by joining

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