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From Repairing Your Historic Windows

So you have a historic building – town hall, church, school, home – and you want to preserve it. Where do you begin? How do you make sure your project is successful over the long haul? Need alternative use ideas or funding? We have developed these resource guides to help you through the process! 

Basic preservation education is a core part of our organization's mission and it is needed on a constant basis.  By using these resources, reading articles, following links or watching videos, we hope to grow an understanding and appreciation for historic preservation as well as its benefits, uses and roles within our communities. In the coming months, we will add more guides as trends and issues emerge in the field.  As they do, these guides will be updated with critical educational resources and tools for all. We encourage your feedback on what educational resources or topics are needed most.

7 Steps for a Successful Project

Whether you are just starting a project, or are further along and could benefit from some guidance, this seven step guide can help! 

Road Map to Preservation Success!

Are you trying to save a historic resource in your community? Are you stuck and don't know what to do next?


With our Road Map to HP Success, we have you covered! We have outlined the path to preservation success with important tips and advice to keep in mind along the way. Check it out!

Resource Center

Adaptive Reuse Model Projects
Funding Opportunities for Your Project
Historic Resource Initiatives and Toolkits
Climate Change and Resiliency
Most Endangered Resource Program


Historic Windows
Local Historic Commission Resource Library


Preservation Conversations


Local Advocate Resources


Advocacy & Action 101

Our new Action News Center is a place where you can find important news updates, information on how to take preservation action in your own community or lend your voice and support to wider efforts.  We welcome your feedback in helping us make this a useful center for educating and empowering preservation efforts in Massachusetts!

Historic Windows 
Climate Change and Resiliency

Action Center Updates

Helpful Tools

Knowing is half the battle.  Here are some links to some educational resources (i.e. books) that are very useful for all preservationists, especially as reference guides!  This is just a start and if you know a useful book or other resource, please share.

Preserving Community Character: A Citizen's Guide to Saving Place and Halting Urban Sprawl - Al Lima

Old House Dictionary - Stephen J. Phillips

A Field Guide to American Houses - Virginia & Lee McAlester

Not every preservation issue, challenge or project is the same.  But having some basic knowledge and some tools in your toolbox can really go a long way. Here we hope to share best practices, models and resources to help you in your advocacy and action efforts. 

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