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Program Background
Since 1993, Preservation Massachusetts (PM) has identified and aided in the preservation of endangered historic resources across the Commonwealth. As our core advocacy and education program, the Most Endangered Historic Resources Program allows PM to utilize its statewide visibility to spotlight places, buildings, or structures under threat, increase awareness about them, and work collaboratively with key stakeholders to deliver positive outcomes. 

Though the program is only an honorary designation, it can serve as a catalyst for action and opportunities. PM works with listed resources as priority projects, drawing upon our staff expertise, technical assistance abilities, and networks in an effort to see the listed resources and the people committed to them put on the path toward preservation.
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 MER Application

The deadline for the 2020 MER has passed. Please check back for our 2022 Program. 

2020 Endangered List

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2020 Program Update 

Due to the impact of COVID-19, PM has had to make changes to accommodations to the program in 2020. With the number of nominations received, we feel we cannot administer the program as usual, which includes a rigorous review of nominations in order to select those resources that are considered the “most endangered historic resources” of the year. Nominees receive promotion from PM and also become a priority work focus for our Preservation Circuit Riders and professional staff. 


Though we cannot administer the program as we have in the past, we have an opportunity to assist and support the endangered resources that were nominated. Therefore, all nominations received will be listed as “Endangered Resources of 2020”. We can still use our statewide visibility, professional staff, network, and resources to support the efforts of the local nominators. Our goal, as usual, is to work collaboratively with stakeholders to find a positive outcome for these preservation challenges.


The program may look different, but our response and support for community-based historic preservation and endangered resources has not changed nor is it diminished by these necessary adjustments. We thank you for your understanding and are grateful for the opportunity to continue this program with a slightly different perspective. 


As always, if you are concerned about an historic property, landscape, or resource in your community, please contact PM’s office or our Circuit Riders. We look forward to returning to a full Massachusetts Most Endangered Historic Resources Program in 2022.

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