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The Massachusetts Most Endangered
Historic Resources Program

A positive advocacy, education and "PR" program...

Program Background
Since 1993, Preservation Massachusetts (PM) has identified and aided in the preservation of endangered historic resources across the Commonwealth. As our core advocacy and education program, the Most Endangered Historic Resources Program allows PM to utilize its statewide visibility to spotlight places, buildings, or structures under threat, increase awareness about them, and work collaboratively with key stakeholders to deliver positive outcomes. 

Though the program is only an honorary designation, it can serve as a catalyst for action and opportunities. PM works with listed resources as priority projects, drawing upon our staff expertise, technical assistance abilities, and networks in an effort to see the listed resources and the people committed to them put on the path toward preservation.
How to Guide

For a step by step guide to the 2022 Most Endangered Resource Program Application

 MER Application

The 2022 MER Nomination Application Portal is now closed

2022 Endangered List

To view 2022's  Endangered Resources 

MER Archive

To view previously listed resources and their status

2022 Program Update 

Our Most Endangered Historic Resources (MER) Program is back in 2022 to highlight threatened buildings, structures, and landscapes across the Commonwealth. The theme for the 2022 MER Program is “Planning for Community,” and we’re spotlighting resources that are not only historically significant, but also emphasize continued importance and possibility to their communities. 

The 2022 Most Endangered Historic Resources List is now available! To learn more about this year's Massachusetts endangered historic resources, click here.


The nomination period for this year's MER program is closed. Nominations for the 2022 MER were accepted from May 1 until August 31.

Want to learn more about the MER application process? Watch our Preservation Conversation video, "Most Endangered 101: Nomination Application" below!

Additional Resources & Information

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