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Priorities...and the future of preservation.

Preservation Massachusetts is pleased to be revealing the findings of our Cruising the Commonwealth listening tour at our 2017 Annual Meeting in Worcester on November 9. It was the goal of our tour to listen, take notes and then distill down the major priorities that we heard from the preservation community. We hope to use these priorities as rallying points to bring together preservationists and other stakeholders and organizations in collaborative efforts.

We have also brought together a panel of preservationists to discuss the future of preservation in Massachusetts (no pressure!). In light of the priorities we found on our summer tour, we want to discuss ways in which our community may have to grow and adapt in the 21st century, who we can look to for inspiration, ideas and who we can partner with to meet our goals.

We are very grateful to have the following as panelists for our discussion:

Chris Skelly, Massachusetts Historical Commission

Deborah Packard, Preservation Worcester

Albert Rex, MacRostie Historic Advisors

Greg Farmer, Preservation Consultant & Circuit Rider for the CT Trust for Historic Preservation

Preservation Massachusetts staff will moderate the panel.

We hope you will join us for an important (but still enjoyable!) evening in Worcester.

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