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Celebrating "The Next Generation"

Preservation may be rooted in history, but it has always served the future. It is about more than just a building—it is about relationships, making the old new and relevant again, recycling, up-cycling and sustainability, breathing life back into our community centers and neighborhoods, providing services, and activating appreciation and pride in the places we call home. Preservation began as a movement because of people with an unwavering belief that their communities were important, that health and wellbeing was inextricably linked with the places where we live and work. And ensuring that the character, connections and sense of place that make these places work and thrive is a core principal of preservation. The methods have changed and will continue to evolve as new ideas, new programs, new technology and new advocates come into the field every day.

The theme for the 30th Annual Paul & Niki Tsongas Awards is “The Next Generation”. It focuses on celebrating individuals and organizations who are standing on the cusp of the next phase of preservation. We are looking to honor those who are pushing the envelope and the preservation agenda, to expand and increase its use, understanding and application in our communities. We are looking at those who use preservation in innovative ways, making connections between traditional and new practices. Those who are using preservation as a form of community engagement and commentary on social issues and cultural appreciation, those who are using its application to not only restoring historic structures but make something better for the future. Those who are creating links between the preservation communities and other groups celebrating art, community, culture, placemaking, health, wellness and vibrancy in our lives and environment.

To nominate an up and coming leader in preservation, click here. Nominations are due by 5 pm on Friday, February 16. The awardees will be celebrated on May 9 at our 30th Annual Paul & Niki Tsongas Awards Dinner in Boston.

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