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It's 5 o'clock Somewhere...

Tomorrow is Preservation LIVE and we will be celebrating with a signature cocktail! What's more Massachusetts than a Cape Codder, especially when it's made with local ingredients? (There may be other worthy contenders for a signature MA drink but this is what we decided to go with...) We'll be toasting our award winners tomorrow with a tasty concoction made with Dirty Water Distillery's Cranberry Vodka (made right in Plymouth), Ocean Spray (headquartered in Lakeville) Cranberry Juice and garnished with a lime (probably not grown in MA, but oh well). If you need a little "bubbly", feel free to add some Polar seltzer (based in Worcester)! This isn't a sponsored post or endorsement. We just like to keep things local support MA businesses. Fun Fact: Our first Plymouth office was right next to the Dirty Water Distillery...

We look forward to celebrating our awardees and toasting them tomorrow during Preservation LIVE! Now our Associate Director (who used to be a bartender) is off to practice her mixology skills...


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