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Take Action! New Action Center Debuts

It’s very simple; you have questions and you need answers. Sometimes knowing where to turn for those answers is just as challenging as the questions themselves. At Preservation Massachusetts, we strive to be a platform for those answers, or at the very least, a guide to finding them.

With a mission of education and advocacy, it is important for our organization to prioritize providing answers, connections to resources and important information everyone can use to promote and enable preservation in their communities. We know that time is often of the essence and as a small organization, we wanted to create a platform where the answers we would provide could be made readily available to all.

After years of wishing and months of work, we are proud to debut our new online Action Center! Here you will find a repository of useful information, tool kits, step by step guides and more that will help you along your preservation journey. Being able to offer these resources will hopefully make it easier (and faster) for anyone to find the answers, connections or inspiration they are looking for.

We envision this page to be a constant work in progress, so be sure to check back often. This online platform allows us to update and amend information quickly, making this a beneficial tool for the Massachusetts preservation community. If you have suggestions for future resource guides, please let us know by email!

As always, this resource is available free of charge on Preservation Massachusetts’ website. If you find this new Action Center useful, we ask you to join us as a member and support our work empowering and educating preservation efforts statewide.

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