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In 2 Months... You Belong Here!

We are two months away from the 2019 Massachusetts Historic Preservation Conference on Friday, September 20! Plymouth will be the stage for us to explore our theme of "Untold Stories in Preservation" through educational sessions, discussion, and networking (and of course, tours!) Registration news will be announced early next week so be sure to check your email or our website for more updates!

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested, invested, curious, active, or committed to history, buildings, landscapes, community, planning, heritage, culture, the environment, preservation, conservation, etc.

Anyone who sees the beauty, importance and potential that the past has to bring to the future.

Anyone who is interested in stories that the places where we live, work and play have to tell. Professional, amateur, volunteer, student, everyone can find something to learn or share at this great event for preservation in Massachusetts.

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