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We Love Massachusetts!

There is a lot to love about Massachusetts! We love our cities and towns, historic buildings and our main streets. We love the rolling landscapes, parks, open spaces and shores. We love people using older buildings, reusing and restoring the past for the future. This month we invite you to “Feel the Love” for preservation in Massachusetts by joining us as a member! Through your support of Preservation Massachusetts, you advocate, you educate, and you empower preservation efforts in communities across the Commonwealth. Here are just a few examples of how your membership works through us.


~Support from the Most Endangered Program and Circuit Riders assisted local efforts to explore reuse options for Petersham's Nichewaug Inn.

~Education is a constant need, both for grassroots advocates and the public on how preservation is more than a building: it is about people, community and relationships.

~Advocating for the support and expansion of important preservation legislation such as the State & Federal Historic Tax Credit and increased funding for the Community Preservation Act.