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It Takes Collaboration! Membership Month 2020

Collaboration: the process of two or more people or organizations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal. In preservation efforts, collaboration allows us to build on each other's strengths, experiences, network, resources and more. PM is a big proponent of collaboration, for ourselves and others. We can accomplish so much when we work together, and collaboration increases not only capacity, but credibility and impact as well. Here are some ways that collaboration is (hopefully) making a difference.

Calling for Collaboration

The Rev. Percy Browne House in Marion.

In October 2019, news of the potential demolition of an H.H. Richardson house sparked a great response from professionals, organizations and individuals across Massachusetts, the US and the globe. Letters, thoughts, suggestions, offers of support and information poured in, almost overwhelmingly so. Several connections to PM ultimately resulted in our assuming the role of collaborative point person - hearing from and working with a variety of interested parties - and implementing a strategy to connect and engage with the property owner about the potential and future of Richardson's smallest commission. Luckily the connections were positive and the demolition is off the table for the time being and ongoing work continues in an effort to present realistic options and resources for the property. Our collaborations with both the owner and interested/concerned parties has laid the foundation for reaching a positive preservation outcome for this truly historic and hidden gem.

New Collaborations & New Resources

Collaborations can also bring new resources to preservation. Last September, PM announced a new grant program, in collaboration and partnership with the 1772 Foundation that would make up to $100,000 in matching grant funding available to preservation projects in Massachusetts. The 1772 Foundation has long been a well known supporter of historic preservation projects and we were thrilled at the opportunity to administer this grant program for Massachusetts. This collaboration has allowed us to learn about more projects and organizations from all across the state. Over 80 letters of interest were submitted that requested over $720,000 in grant funds! We look forward to sharing the final grant recipients in the next few months, and working collaboratively with 1772 and other potential funders to increase the capacity of preservation grants in Massachusetts.

Your membership to Preservation Massachusetts means you support that heart, that dedication. You help advocate, educate and empower historic preservation efforts in cities and town all across the Commonwealth. Thank you for joining and supporting active preservation through our statewide mission and work.

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