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Thank You! Membership Month 2020

We have really enjoyed sharing ways in which our members work through us to empower, educate and advocate for preservation in communities all across Massachusetts! And we hope you have enjoyed the stories and perhaps felt proud of what you help us accomplish every day. Preservation takes a lot, and we at PM know we could not do our work without YOU!

  • So to all those who joined this month, we say a heartfelt THANK YOU!

  • To all our individual, organizational and corporate members who will renew their membership this year (watch your mailboxes for those letters), THANK YOU!

  • To all those who felt liked what you read, but aren't ready to join just yet, THANK YOU!

We look forward to an amazing year ahead and sharing more stories, updates, information and educational opportunities for preservation efforts in Massachusetts!

February 29 means an extra day to join during Membership Month!

A membership to Preservation Massachusetts means you support that heart, that dedication. You help advocate, educate and empower historic preservation efforts in cities and town all across the Commonwealth. Thank you for joining and supporting active preservation through our statewide mission and work.

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