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In One Month...

In one month Preservation Massachusetts will celebrate our 2023 awards with Partners in Preservation. For more details on our awardees, program and event, visit our Awards page.

The 2023 award program "Partners in Preservation" commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Massachusetts Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program. The program has proven to be a critical tool for preservation projects and economic development. From theaters in Worcester and Pittsfield, to hotels in Boston and Stockbridge, this credit actively demonstrates the economic benefits of preservation while revitalizing our neighborhoods. ​

This year’s awardees represent not only the very best in historic preservation throughout the Commonwealth, but their connection to the MHRTC program emphasizes the impact this important program continues to make two decades later. They demonstrate not only the impact of the program by revitalizing historic resources, but leadership and dedication on behalf of its administration and those who work to oversee program such as this in all parts of the Commonwealth.


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