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"Developing Stewards..." Our latest Preservation Conversation is available to view now!

On April 19, PM hosted our 27th Preservation Conversation entitled The Traditional Trades Advancement Program with special guest speakers Matt Chapman and Amy Glowacki from the Springfield Armory National Historic Site will discuss their recent successes with the Traditional Trades Advancement Internship Program! The conversation discussed their work with their TTAP interns, making connections with local colleges, technical high schools and how this program isn't just about training, it's about "developing stewards, developing the whole person, just just people who will work on our historic buildings and systems, but citizens of our communities and planet." View this engaging and insightful conversation on our YouTube channel or on our Preservation Conversation page now!

The Springfield Armory is now accepting applications for the HPTC Traditional Trades Advancement Internship Program. View the application here!


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