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The Power of Vision

Our final Membership Month installment is all about Vision, Believe and Encouragement!

Preservation can be (and often is) a daunting, overwhelming and time consuming undertaking. Yet time and time again we have seen people stay the course and succeed because they had vision. They see potential in an old main street storefront, in the underutilized mill, in the closed up movie theater downtown. They saw potential and believed it could be a reality. Having vision and belief is essential, as is having a network, resources and people to rely on. Over the years Preservation Massachusetts has been a source of encouragement, resources, information and even some therapy to those making preservation a reality. Your membership to Preservation Massachusetts allows us to be that resource, that reassurance, that conduit and sometimes just that person to be there and listen. You encourage and empower others, strengthening our community statewide. As we conclude our Membership Month series, here is a story about how vision, belief and encouragement brought about one of the best preservation success stories in Massachusetts!

Worcester's Hanover Theatre