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700 Strong!

Well we asked and you delivered! Our call for signatories for a Congressional Sign on Letter supporting the Federal Historic Tax Credit resulted in over 700 sign ons! Organizations, businesses, individuals and elected officials put their names on our letter and truly made an impact with our congressional delegation. We literally were able to go into our meetings with your support in hand and it made a difference.

On behalf of Preservation Massachusetts and the Boston Preservation Alliance, thank you to all who signed on and showed your support. We will continue to work with our partners here and in D.C. to keep up to date on all efforts to protect an enhance this important federal program and we will be sure to pass that information along to you!

(photo: Our meeting with Congressman McGovern, District 2. L-R: Greg Galer, BPA, Erin Kelly, Congressman McGovern, Jim Igoe.)

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