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2016 Most Endnagered Press: Usen Castle in Waltham Named to 'Massachusetts Most Endangered Histo

WALTHAM, MA – A statewide nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of historic landmarks in Massachusetts says Waltham's Usen Castle is on the brink of extinction.

Preservation Massachusetts named the castle to its "Most Endangered Historic Resources" list for 2016, citing Brandeis University's planned construction on the landmark as likely to lead to further demolition.

Earlier this year, Brandeis outlined a plan to construct a new residence hall to replace the current student housing at the castle, while retaining Towers A and B.

"Unfortunately, the Castle was both poorly designed — without the benefit of an architect or engineers — and inexpensively constructed as it took shape during the Great Depression," Brandeis Interim President Lisa Lynch said in a March statement. "Despite our maintenance over the years, the Castle is reaching the end of its useful life."

Preservation Massachusetts claims this construction, expected to begin next year, will result in structural damage that will require further demolition of the iconic landmark.

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