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Holiday Greetings from Preservation Massachusetts!

Another year has come to a close and another is set to begin. Perhaps that it why this time of year causes us to reflect more, remember past experiences and share them with those around us. In light of that mood and the holiday spirit, the staff at PM wanted to share with you how we each came to be interested in historic preservation. The inspiration may have come from a person, a building or just a fascination with history that ultimately lead us all to be active in preservation. I hope you enjoy this festive Our Commonwealth and hope you find some inspiration too during this festive season.




Anulfo Baez, Office Manager

One of my favorite things as a student has always been going on class fieldtrips. Visiting sites like Plimoth Plantation, Old Sturbridge Village and the Gilded Age mansions of Newport, Rhode Island sparked my interest in architectural history and preservation which led me to Preservation Massachusetts. Recently, I completed a seminar on Boston architecture which took me all over the city and its surrounding neighborhoods, igniting a renewed appreciation for the fabric of Boston and its multicultural threads. My passion for nurturing a dialog of multiculturalism and preservation has kept me in the field.

Michele Barker, Circuit Rider

As a writer, I think my interest in historic preservation comes out of my love for storytelling and my fascination with puzzles and mysteries. I love discovering how people’s stories-their beliefs, aspirations, and struggles-are embodied in the places that they built and in which they lived, worked, and played. I like the way in which historic preservation can give a voice to those who were once considered too unimportant to have their stories written down. I also love the nitty-gritty detective work of sorting out the clues to untangle those stories and make sense of what’s been left behind.

Dorr Fox, Circuit Rider