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An Important PM Update: Covid-19

To Our Members, Partners and Colleagues, As you are more than well aware, the Covid-19 situation in our Commonwealth and country is rapidly changing day to day. We hope that you are staying in, staying healthy and heeding the directives of community health officials. Preservation Massachusetts' offices are now officially closed for the next few weeks. Our staff will continue to work remotely, provided they are healthy and able to do so. All in person meetings with PM staff are cancelled but we look forward to rescheduling soon. The impact of gathering restrictions and general health concerns has prompted us to reschedule our 2020 Awards Dinner for Thursday, October 22. Please contact Julie Roper at with any questions. If you have any preservation queries, concerns or are looking for information, please explore our website. There you will find lots of resources, from our Action Center to model projects and funding guides. Our staff will also be able to respond to emails, but please note their response time may be delayed. For staff emails, click here. We thank you for your understanding and patience. It has been made clear that we all need to come together as a community, as a Commonwealth, and as a country to slow the spread of this virus. Please heed the warnings of your local health departments and stay healthy. Thank you! Sincerely, Jim Igoe President
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