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Cruising the Commonwealth 2017

Communication is essential for the growth, development and strengthening of any organization, network and partnership. Preservation Massachusetts feels that over the past few years, as busy as we have been with programs and initiatives, we have not been in great communication with partners and preservationists around the Commonwealth. There is a lot going on that we know about, but there is a lot happening that we are not aware of, and a lot of people, organizations and communities who may not know who Preservation Massachusetts is or what resources and networks exist to assist them and their preservation, revitalization and community focused work. As the statewide preservation advocacy organization, understanding the needs that exists is essential to being an effective organization, resource and partner.

Cruising the Commonwealth is a series of 8-9 meetings across the state, hearing directly from local partners, organizations and individuals about issues, needs, thoughts, challenges, wishes, successes and ideas for the future related to historic preservation. We want to hear how you envision a statewide organization serving you better, what programs would be helpful, what you really need to make preservation possible in your communities. We are looking for hear not only from those involved with preservation, but other groups whose work intersects or correlates with preservation activity statewide, or anyone who is interested but would not necessarily call themselves "preservationists". We are prepared to do a whole lot of listening and note taking! After our summer meetings and a session at the 2017 Massachusetts Historic Preservation Conference, we will take what we have learned and highlight several key priority issues for the entire statewide preservation community and other key partners to focus on as collective. Working together can ultimately help us strengthen our community and expand it as the preservation movement itself grows and changes over the next several years. This information will be presented at PM's 2017 Annual Meeting later this fall.

We encourage you to join us as we are "Cruising the Commonwealth" this summer and let your voice be heard. If you are not able to attend, fear not. We will have an online survey available for those who still wish to share their thoughts and ideas.