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Local Advocate Resources

All preservation is local, it's as simple as that. Having an solid base of grassroots preservation supporters seems like it would be simple and easy to accomplish, but that is not always so.  Growing an effective preservation constituency takes time, effort and a lot of proactivity but it certainly pays off in the long run and benefits preservation efforts and your community as a whole. You don't need to have everything figured out all at once and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Starting small can mean big results later on.  Here are some resources, links and documents to help you begin (or continue) to grow your preservation advocacy efforts in your community. 

Benefits of Historic Preservation #prese

15 Questions for Local Advocates

Important questions to ask yourself when taking on an advocacy issue or campaign. Click on the question mark icon or the title above to download. 

Roadmap to HP Success.jpg

Roadmap to Preservation Success

Preservation can be a windy road. This "roadmap" will help you plan your way forward, and give important advice and insight for work, collaborations and focuses along the way. Click the title above to download your own map. 

PC Episode 3 .jpg

Preservation Conversations

These virtual "conversations" have a lot of insight and suggestions for local advocates from the PM staff, Circuit Riders and MHC staff.  Installments of particular interest may be Episode 3 - Growing Grassroots Constituencies and Episode 5 - How to Talk About Preservation. Click to see the video archive. 

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