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The K. Julie McCarthy Community Spirit Awards
The Community Spirit Awards were introduced by Preservation Massachusetts in 2010 as a way to recognize those who embody the spirit of community based historic preservation activities in our Commonwealth.  These individual and groups are committed to their communities and are active in efforts to therein to preserve buildings, character or expand the preservation ethic.  Their efforts and work are models for others to emulate in our community and can often go unrecognized, and to that end we are proud to be able to honor them and their achievements. 
Preservation Massachusetts re-named this award in 2016 in honor of the late K. Julie McCarthy, founder and president of the Friends of the North Brookfield Town House.  Julie’s boundless energy and years as an educator served her well as she and the Friends worked toward the restoration of an iconic community landmark.  Upon her passing in March of 2016, the preservation community lost a dear friend but her infectious energy, friendship and legacy will continue on in the group and their mission for the Townhouse.  Julie was truly the embodiment of our Community Spirit Award.   
We celebrate the  K. Julie McCarthy Community Spirit Award Recipients at our biennial Believe in Preservation Event

2018 Community Spirit Award Recipients

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Diane Gilbert

Diane's passion for preservation is exemplified by her years of dedication to the Elihu Akin House, "a small house with a big story to tell". From her days on the WHALe Board to her role in helping found the Dartmouth Heritage Preservation Trust, she is a true preservation advocate and champion on the South Coast. As she says, quoting friend Tony Souza "preservation is not for the faint of heart", and neither is she. 

Clinton Church Restoration,
Great Barrington

Founded in 2016, Clinton Church Restoration was founded to save the landmark church, which has important ties to the local African American community and civil rights leader W. E. B. DuBois. The group raised over $100,000 to purchase the church and are now facing the challenge of raising funds to stabilize and restore the property with a vision of creating a community center that tells the story of African Americans in the Berkshires, the church's 130 year history and more. 

Bob McCarroll, 

Bob McCaroll has been an advocate and strong voice for preservation in Springfield for over 40 years.  He has served on the Board of Directors for the Springfield Preservation Trust for 4 decades and worked for the city as a planner for 30 years and was a leading force for the creation of Springfield's 5 local historic districts. More recently Bob lead the group Springfield CPA in favor of passing the Community Preservation Act. His efforts were successful, with CPA passing with 62% of the vote. 

Earl Taylor,

Since 2002, Earl Taylor has lead the Dorchester Historical Society and during his tenure has increased the number of items in the society's collection, increased pride and awareness in the history of Dorchester, raised over $1 million for repairs for repairs on 5 owned properties and more for endowment..... all while being  a volunteer! He and his leadership is an amazing force in the community for preservation, education and restoration. 

 K. Julie McCarthy Community Spirit Award Recipients
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