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All About Circuit Riders

Who are the Preservation Circuit Riders?

The Circuit Riders are part-time employees of Preservation Massachusetts. They are professionals with expertise in a variety of areas and are trained to bring relevant and necessary resources to local groups and communities. Working in the field, they deliver mentoring support, education, resources and technical assistance directly to those facing preservation challenges or projects.

As staff of Preservation Massachusetts, they do not have regulatory or legal authority and will not offer any such advice but rather refer you to the appropriate agency or professional. They work in constant collaboration with the staff in our main office and other partner organizations and agencies from across the state. 

How does the program work?

The state is divided into two regions, east and west, roughly using Worcester as the dividing line. Each region has a dedicated Circuit Rider who works “in the field” and not in PM’s main office. Through investigative visits, consultations and meetings they help to define relevant issues and develop preservation strategies. They also empower preservation efforts through building local capacity and resource networks.


YAY! Is the Circuit Rider a free consultant for my project?

No, the Circuit Riders are not consultants. If they feel your project or issue needs a consultant they will offer some suggestions for you to contact. The role of the Circuit Rider is to offer information and make a connection to information, resources or professionals that will be of most use to a particular project or issue.

Who can contact a Circuit Rider?

Everyone! Any person, organization or community dealing with preservation challenges, issues or projects in the Commonwealth. You can contact a Circuit Rider with a question via email or phone. They will get back in touch with you in order to better understand your question and issue before determining if a meeting “in the field” is necessary.

How is the Circuit Rider paid for?

As a program of Preservation Massachusetts, the Circuit Riders are part of our annual budget. We receive no state or federal funding and raise our operating funds each year through donations, events and grants. If you have benefited from Circuit Rider support, we ask that you join as a member so we can continue to offer this important program to others. 

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PM’s Eastern Massachusetts Circuit Rider
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