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We Need Your Signatures!

As preservationists travel to Washington DC in a few weeks, we will be voicing our strong support for the Federal Historic Tax Credit Program. During this time of remarkable change and shifting attitudes in our nation's capital, it is imperative that we show the strong, broad based support the HTC garners to our elected officials. Since it's inception, the HTC has leveraged over $120 billion nationally in private investment and is our government's largest investment in historic preservation. With our wealth of historic resources, the HTC has been successfully utilized here in Massachusetts for many years and along the way preserved hundreds of historic buildings, revitalized communities and economies and so much more.

Show your support for this critical program by adding your signature to our Massachusetts HTC Congressional Letter, which PM, Boston Preservation Alliance and others will be taking to Washington. Deadline to sign on is Friday, March 10 at 5:00 PM.

Your voice (and signature) counts and is greatly appreciated! Be sure to follow us on Twitter March 14 - 17 when we are in DC for updates right from Capitol Hill!

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