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PM writes in support of CPA

Preservation Massachusetts' President Jim Igoe penned a counterpoint argument that was published in the Boston Metro West Sunday Globe. The piece was part of "The Argument", a column that poses a question with two opposing viewpoints. The question posed was "Should Acton rescind CPA funds granted to historic churches?". PM's position was no, the town should not rescind the funds and overall that historic churches are part of our community fabric, architctrual pieces of our towns and the funds are for the restoration of historic buidlings, regardless of use or affiliation.

Earlier this summer, the town was served with a lawsuit stating the tax-payer funded CPA funds violate the Anti-Aid Amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution. The suit was filed by ten taxpayers and supported by a larger group of Citizens for the Separation of Church and State. As one of the founding organizations for the Community Preservation Act back in 2000, PM continues to be supportive of all communities seeking to pass CPA and all efforts to protect and enhance the legislation.

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