Executive Transition

Dear Preservation Friends and Colleagues,

I am excited to announce that on January 1, my longtime colleague Erin Kelly will be the Executive Director of Preservation Massachusetts. Erin is well-known and respected within the preservation community. She has been with the organization almost as long as I have. She will be an outstanding leader, and she has my full support. At my request, I will continue my work with Preservation Massachusetts as Policy and Legislative Consultant. , a role which will allow me to utilize my decades-long experience with legislative process and advocacy to benefit our preservation programs. 

Today, as I look around our office in Plymouth, I am amazed by the growth and resiliency of Preservation Massachusetts. When I joined the organization in 2001, we were in shared office space with one full-time employee and a temporary administrative assistant; one advocacy program, the Most Endangered Historic Resources; and one event, our annual awards dinner. Over the past 20 years, we have grown and evolved in so many ways. In 2002, for example, I established our statewide Preservation Coalition as a partnership and advocacy network for our more than 30,000 constituents. From the Coalition emerged the state historic rehabilitation tax credit. 

During the past 20 years, our operating budget has grown by 300%, thanks to our generous donors, members, and sponsors. This growth has allowed Preservation Massachusetts to increase its staff, program capacity, credibility, and impact. We have established collaborative relationships and witnessed the positive impact of preservation in our communities and across the Commonwealth. The field of preservation is constantly changing, and I know that under Erin’s leadership, our organization will continue to evolve and serve as a beacon for preservation efforts large and small across the state. 

Transitions are part of life. The important—indeed critical—task is to ensure transitions are managed properly. Preservation Massachusetts has done that by elevating the best person possible to serve as its next leader. Since 2004, Erin’s responsibilities have increased exponentially—managing our consultants, educational offerings, advocacy initiatives, and so much more. Her impact on the past and future success of the organization cannot be understated. It has been my great privilege to lead Preservation Massachusetts through this transformation and growth. We have a dedicated board of directors and remarkable staff, and I am so proud of what we have accomplished together. 

I hope that I will have an opportunity to thank each of you in person for your friendship, partnership, and dedication to historic preservation. If you have a few moments, I invite you to watch the video below for a few thoughts on the past 20 years. Please read on below for a message from our Board of Directors.

With gratitude,

James Igoe