Demolition Delay

Through the local democratic process, over 150 cities and towns in Massachusetts have established a demolition delay bylaw or ordinance.  With a demolition delay bylaw or ordinance, a window of opportunity is provided to find an alternative to the demolition of a significant building.  The delay is typically 6, 12 or 18 months.  Most of the demolition delay bylaws and ordinances in Massachusetts are based on the age of the building, such as buildings that are older than 50 years or 75 years.  A demolition delay bylaw is an essential preservation tool for every city and town. 

Additional information about demolition delay bylaws and ordinances can be obtained from the Massachusetts Historical Commission. 

List of Cities and Towns with Demolition Delay

Map of Cities and Towns with Demolition Delay


Examples of Demolition Delay Applications

Examples of Success Stories with Demolition Delay


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